How to Put in & Take Out
Your Contacts Step-by-Step

People may be reluctant to try contact lenses because they’re concerned about having to learn how to put in contact lenses without scratching an eye. However, with a little patience and practice, putting your contact lenses in and taking them out will become a part of your everyday routine.

How to Put in Contact Lenses

You’ll want to take the following steps when putting in your contact lenses:

  • Wash Your Hands: Use fragrance and lotion free, antibacterial soap to wash your hands before putting your contact lenses in. You’ll want to scrub your hands for at least 30 seconds to help reduce any germs or bacteria from transferring to your eyes. Use a clean, dry towel to pat down your hands, or a microfiber towel or air dry to avoid getting any lint on your fingers.
  • Use Your Fingertip to Handle Contacts: Once the lens is on your fingertip, gently transfer it to the palm of your hand. Don’t use your nails to avoid damaging the lens.
  • Rinse Your Contacts: Remove any debris that may be on your contacts by pouring a stream of contact solution over them. Do a visual inspection to ensure your contacts are clean and ready for wear. Never use tap water or saliva to rinse your contacts, use only contact solution.
  • Place on Index Finger: Put the contact on the tip of your index finger, concave face up (it should look like a tiny bowl with its edges pointing up at the ceiling).
  • Open Your Eyelid: Use your free hand to gently lift and hold your upper eyelid open and to keep it from blinking. Then pull your bottom eyelid down using the middle finger of the hand holding the contact lens.
  • Move the Contact Toward Your Eye: Move your finger steadily and slowly toward your eye. Try to avoid blinking or jerking your head back.
  • Place the Contact on Your Iris: Gently press the contact to your eyeball and place it directly over your iris. The moisture in your eye will attract the contact, which should make for an easy transition.
  • Check Your Vision: Once both your contacts are in, look around to make sure your vision is clear. If you can see properly, the job is done!

How to Take Out Contacts

Once you’ve accomplished putting them in, your next concern may be how to remove contact lenses without injury. The trick is to move slowly and take the following steps:

  • Wash Your Hands: Just like the first step of putting your contacts in, always clean your hands before touching your eyes.
  • Pull the Bottom of Your Eyelid Down: Use your middle finger to hold your eyelid down, then touch the contact. It should easily stick to the bottom of your finger so you can slide it out. As it slides out, softly squeeze the contact and pull it from your eye.
  • Disinfect or Dispose: If the contact is damaged or is for single use only, throw it away. Otherwise, place it in the palm of your hand and disinfect it with contact solution before storing in its’ case.

How to Take Out Contacts With Long Nails

How do you take out contacts with long nails? While it does require a little extra care, there are two methods for removing contact lenses with long or acrylic nails:

  • The Pinching Method: Use two fingers (whichever finger combination feels the most comfortable) to softly pinch both sides of the lens inward, toward the center of your eye. This will cause the lens to pop outward. Use only your fingertips to pinch and pull the lens away from your eye to avoid damaging the lens.
  • The Rollout Method: Place your fingertip on the contact lens, then roll it downward. Guide the lens toward your lower lid until it rolls over, gently grasp it and remove it from your eye.

Get a Contact Lens Exam

If you’re not already wearing contact lenses and want to start, schedule a contact lens exam at your neighborhood Pearle Vision EyeCare Center. Our comprehensive eye exams can test your vision and ensure you get the right prescription. Use our store locator page to find a location near you and book an appointment today.

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