Contact Lens Fitting Guide

Considering wearing contact lenses? Schedule a contact fitting at Pearle Vision and learn what to expect during your visit.

Are you interested in wearing contact lenses? If so, you’ll need to get your eyes measured for a contact fitting by an eye doctor to obtain a prescription. A contact lens exam is different from a routine eye exam and should be requested ahead of your appointment. If you would like a contact lens prescription or need to update your current one, make an appointment at your neighborhood Pearle Vision. Our eye doctors can fit your eyes for contact lenses and ensure you get the right prescription for comfortable wear and clear vision. Follow our contact lens fitting guide to learn what to expect during your exam.

Contact Lens Fitting Guide

If you wear or want contact lenses, you’ll need to get a contact fitting in order to get a prescription. A contact fitting involves your eye doctor identifying what strength is needed for your eyes and what type of contact lenses will correct your specific refractive error.

These are the types of measurements your doctor will take during your contact lens exam:

  • Eye Surface Measurement: The curvature of the surface of your eye will be measured to determine the proper curve and size of the contact lens.
  • Pupil Measurement: The size of the pupil is measured to help determine what size contacts are best for your eyes.
  • Tear Film Evaluation: By inserting a small strip of paper under your eyelid or using fluorescein dye on the eye, this measurement helps to ensure your eyes aren’t too dry for contact lenses.

Once the measurements are taken, your eye doctor will have you try a few different pairs of contact lenses to see which is the best fit. If you’re a first-time wearer, you’ll also be shown how to properly put your contacts in and take them out. You’ll be sent home with a trial pair for a few days and come back for a follow-up appointment in about a week to check if you’re eyes are adjusting to the contacts.

After your follow-up appointment, your eye doctor can write you a contact lens prescription specifically for your eyes. You’ll then have the option of choosing between disposable contacts or extended wear and decide on soft or rigid permeable contacts. It’s important to note that an eyeglass prescription can’t be used for contact lenses. An eyeglass prescription is made for lenses that will be positioned outside of your eyes. A contact lens prescription is designed for lenses that will fit directly on the surface of your eye. The wrong prescription could lead to an uncomfortable fit and potential eye damage.

You may be wondering, “do I need a contact lens fitting every year?” It’s important to get an annual fitting, as well as a yearly eye exam, to check for any changes in your eye shape and health. In some cases, your cornea may swell due to wearing contact lenses, in which you may need to be fitted for different contacts.

Ready to get started? Schedule an appointment at your neighborhood Pearle Vision today and request a contact fitting.

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